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Hey whats up guys how are you all I hope you all guys are doing well so now today we got talk about it really interesting topic which here have an app available on Google Play Store by which you can kill mosquitoes from your home .
  There are lots of am available on Google play store which are the prank apps are called mosquito killer prank they just use some simple trick to kill the mosquitoes and today I got discuss about all of them.

Let's talk about the apps there are lots of apps available on Google Play Store which says that they can kill mosquitoes from your home but let me tell you that the fundamental physics behind this app. This apps create a ultrasonic sound waves that mosquito can hard human can't. So they just use that kinds of sound frequencies to kill the  mosquitoes. But let me tell you that that type of sound all apps are doing that's kinds of sounds are impossible to make with our cell phone microphone. So obviously this types of apps are a prank app but let me tell you that this sound apps which are app creating that's really Hai that's can blow up your speakers and also blow up your head and you will suffer for some panic attacks like heart disease brain hemorrhage and lots more. They don't just kill mosquitoes there are still your brains so don't use this types of apps as I said.

  So if you want to test this types of taps with you or your home mosquitoes then you can do you just need to go to Google Play Store and find a cool app that at all they are same quality is same PHP same CSS and same apps just copy the name and different the name. So you need to go to Google Play Store and download any kinds of I will be for you to download mosquito killer prank which isos in the video download you can check it from here.

But let me tell you the disclaimer if this app will kill your brain will hang your brain drain not my side and don't me feel brand because this app use really high frequencies that can hemorrhage your brain so use careful guys and don't do prank with your friends it is really harmful for them too.

 Software downloading that file they are have always a red button available there and some powers and in my case I am using mosquito killer prank app so there are three kinds of steps one is lower frequency one is medium frequency and 1 is higher frequencies so low frequency mean this use your frequency to create lupakan sound whistle frequency is used to create meeting frequency sound and high frequency to use higher frequency sounds and this is probably works for your brain not for mosquitoes as I said.
Don't try this at home because this is really dangerous for your health and your brain to but yeah guys you can prank with your friends easily .
 Ok guess that is for today I hope you all guys are happy to read this article and watch this video till the last as always thank you so much for reading this article and see you in my next one by.

I am subha biswas from west bangal blogging since middle of the 2017 and i am also a youtube and owner of youtube chann name LAWHACKERS