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What is IT ? 

 is something that is KNOW as illegal and all but guys  means not always a illegal work there have lots of  who are good they are called ethical  . But i am talking about game  not the type of so yap guys let explor it .

What is game  ?

I know you are a really hard core gammer that is why you are here . There have to types of games one is online games and one is offline games. 
  Offline games are really easy to  because of the data of that game is stored in devices we can modify that thing with some simple twike and some basic html knowledge 
   But online games ate basically server based game your all data is stored on that server . When you open that game you need to connect yourself from that server then your game will work . Now if you mod your game then server will will match there data to your data if server caught you then you directly band 

How to online games ? 

Guys let me tell you that if you gonna any online game like coc & 8 ball pool they will definitely caught you and your game will band but there have lots of to  that game but unband is impossible ! 
 One of the best way to  online game is encoding . By encoding you have to change the value of gifts that why you can safe from server banding . But if server is really smart enough then you will band too.