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how to learn coding with android

what is coding ?

In my words coding means  language , like you commiunicate with other by with your own language and it is really good for you and i know you all are good in it but guys in  world the language became change yes . the language is the coding , without no coding skill you can do nothing in the  world ok. so, you must have to be the coding friendly and must have to larn coding to do something on  world .

why you need to learn coding ?

As i said, coding is a very very nessessary part of a  life . if you don't know about coding then you dont know a bout anything in coding field, there hav e lots of place to apply coding like llinux terminal, creating a website , moding a game, srver  , performing a good  attacks . so if you dont know about coding then you cant do anytthing properly so being a  without coding its like a good gaming set up without any game 

how to larn coding ?

there have lots of way to learn coding you can do a CEH  course or take some online course with some money but guys let me tell you that you can learn coding without any money for free yap ! Just for free . How? Ok i will tell you


Guys let me tell you first that learning tge basic of coding like html,java,c++ etc is a really very hard work you must have to keep paisanos to do that so and ofcourse you must have some inner skills too and after all that you are all done to make it ,and ready to know the  language . 
    There has an app called "solo learn" on google playstor for android platform and you can download it for free of cost and without having any issues of having ads and all 


SOLO LEARN app is a one of the high rated app on playstore by which you can easyly larn coding like html,java,c++,html5 etc. Here also you can test your coding skills and make them public & also you can challange someone which makes your skills more perfect .
    For me it is one of the bestest and easyest way to learn coding ! 
   I am leaving a video download below of my official youtube channel from where you can learn about this post !

learn cooding wit ths video up below