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Find your lost phone with phone number step by step with images


So if you want to track your friends phone with your Android phone so now today you are in right place today I going to teach you how to track or locate your friends phone with his phone number there are lots of things to determined that to mentioned in this article . So first of all you all must need a disclaimer of this article. Tracking someone or spy on someone is really illegal I am making this article for educational purposes only so keep in mind that please do not try this at home School anywhere and with your friends and your friend circle too and your families. 


So let me tell you first about the pros and cons about this article or about this method which you searching for here. 
First list talk about pros. As a prose you can track your friends phone or your family or your girlfriends phone anytime anywhere with just your Android phone and just a simple Internet connection which is really handy and really reliable to access nowadays Android is everywhere everybody can use Android but let me tell you that fast does district can used by everyone even he is an Android is a IPhone user or Windows user whatever also you can use this method in your PC too. 

Now let's talk about cons of the situations are the articles as you can say. As a cons we have that this is a really illegal trick. Always keep in mind that tracking or spy on someone or your friends is really illegal which can break your relationship and all as I said this week is illegal is win the victim can action against you and according to the rule of copyright or the rule of cyber security you can be jailed so if you become child by this article then let me tell you that this week and this website A2Z hacks.com will not be blamed. So try this article at your own risk

Ok guys now let's talk about how to do this trick or successfully do this article 

1. First of all go to  https://iplogger.org/

2. there will be lots of logger available there just go to a logger name imvisible logger it is batter for you and its recomened by me too 
3. after that there will be a option generate logger just simlply click on it
4. now in next page you will get a google shorte url just copy that link 
5.now the main part you must need to apply social engineering here means you need to send that link to your friends or victime you can say and tell them to open the link . when your victime will open that link his ip adress will set auomatically in this website now you just need to find that ip adress of your victime by clicking on a LOGGED IP'S 
6. copy that ip adress and go to an other website named https://www.iplocation.net/
7. then you simply put that ip adress there down below and click on ip looks up 
8. then you will get all details of ip adress including his longditude and latitude just copy that 
9. now go to google mapes and peast that longitude and latitude and you are all DONE


Ok guys I hope this article will really helps you a lot please come down street will works for you but there are some types of devices which I have already tested some devices district is not going to work anymore I will not pinpoint location 10 kilometres as in my case I don't live in Kolkata but my location shows in that map is Kolkata but I live around 10 kilometre or 20 kilometre under Kolkata so this is also we can say cons of these tricks please let me know I will really appreciate you my fault please comment on down problems I am gonna reply you in 10 minutes I am making sure that .

  as always thank you so much for reading this article and make sure you hit that subscribe button and became member of A2Z hacks.com I am subha a full time blogger scientist and since blogging 2017 middle and see you in my next article have a good day.