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Hackers are always design hacking but everybody want to be a hacker whenever I start my YouTube channel everyone says that please sir teach me how to be a hacker how to be a ethical hacker I want to also hack Facebook I want also a spy on my girlfriend that he is not cheating me or not this is the question everyone asking from me whenever I started my YouTube channel but guys let me tell you that to be a ethical hacker to be a cybersecurity genius you must do up to a quotes of CEH which is the Certified Ethical hackers course costly and there is no scope on India too much now is days so doing a Ceh in india is really Wasting of money. 
   Let me tell you that I am not a ethical hacker I not done the Ch course but I am pretty good sure that I am know lots of things about hacking fields lots of things about cyber security so today I going to share my experience on Internet how I learn this. 
  This was a studio when I Surf dark web lots of lots of time at a time and surfing darkwave is really very essential for me because it is really addictive I daily get new things really really new things but I don't tell you that you will do the same thing because dark web is really illegal you can be jailed. 
  So when I was really really child I used to surf DARK WEB lots of too much and one day I find that they have the North side I will not take the name of that website and after sometime I get a think and that is a hilarious think in my life. 
  I find a small Tinny website in Taco app which is about hacking after sometime I find a index on database and after I go to the database I find this one.

This is a page where the total hacking course is really applied there are lots of hacking tools with sadwin abilities scanner CSS + Java website development course, hTML5, javaScript, lots of hacking tools like outside one ability sister and lots of lots of lots of things. I am really scared to share this with you but if you are my one of my subscribers then this is my duty to share this things with you so I am sharing this file to you but guys don't use this in a legal way because they have lots of love is an illegal activities you can do with these files.
So guys if you want to download this file then go through down below 

Follow the simple steps to get Downloading link (no add,it's free).