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Hey whats up guys how are you all ? So today we are going to talk about YouTube. If there is a matter of earnings money online there should be an account Google AdSense and one of the biggest platform of Google AdSense and one of the biggest place where trafics are alwats available. YouTube is the third largest website ever I have seen even I am coming from YouTube yes law hackers is a started from YouTube and after due to bad I start my blog which is right here front of you. There is a big amount of money always available there to earn from YouTube if you become famous or if you work hard for it and give your dedication to eat you then you can also on at least 2 lakh for months from YouTube without any doubts. They there have lots of lots of youtubers like they are born they always have 2 million subscribers on 1 subscribers on YouTube at least the answer to 5 lacs per month they get that position in just one here all they have just a special uniqueness and today I going to share with you about some YouTube tips and tricks by which you can get a position on YouTube and also owns money like them like technical Guruji and etc. 
In my YouTube career I have a channel on YouTube name LAWHACKERS which have at least 35 subscribers in just 6 month now today we going to talk about how I grow my channel in this way I have seen lots of channel on YouTube who got only 1 to 20 subscribers on YouTube in 2 years it's a huge Time part service covers is too short. There are lots of it over who started the YouTube journey to earn money from online to get famous on YouTube but when they open their YouTube channel after sometime they got embarrassed because their YouTube career is not going to developing. There is no grow in the channel nobody subscribe him nobody watching his video I just get daily 1 to 2 views not board not more than this, even now it wants 10k views on a 2 channel to get monetization so it is too tough from YouTube to get money , so I have seen lots of youtuber who deleted the channel for this season because they can grow their channel on YouTube so today we can discuss about how to grow your YouTube channel Fast track I use on my YouTube channel and which trick I should use in future which will helps you a lot to grow your YouTube channel.


Yes guys I am also running a YouTube channel on YouTube name LAWHACKERS. I started my  channel from September but I have to stop uploading due to depression because I am not getting any kinds of yours because I was nude at that time and I don't know the trick to grow on YouTube after a long time I learn learn learn from failure yes everybody learn from failure if you never become affiliate then you can be a success man you can be a winner so to win you must have to fail ones. So after learning something about YouTube after learning something about it and uploading outro intro and boy so boring after sometime I become a professional on YouTube and I learn about tax title everything which is your my YouTube videos and today I have 36 subscribers on my trip channel and I got 12000 views per day and I can share my honey sorry for that because of youtube policies. And I am sure I will grow my YouTube channel in future fast fast and more than fast and today we're going to share some special tricks which I apply on my YouTube channel and see a huge huge Grow in my YouTube channel So yah guys without weasting any more time let's go through the article.


So before you start a YouTube channel you must all have to know about some pros and cons about your YouTube channel. So first of all let me tell you that you can earn from YouTube lots lots lots of money. And this by a legal or genuine legal way .
  so first let's talk about the illegal way that's when you will re upload some content it's when there are lots of popular youtuber like Ashish chanchlani, BB ki Vines ,and PewDiePie, jacksepticeye, lots of Big Boss that's available on YouTube I just need have to download their videos and upload them and earn money . This is the illegal way which are available on YouTube by which a lots of number of people around all of us is earning money from Youtube but there always have and tricks if you want today one lakh its men in one day unlock but there is no guarantee that you will earn tomorrow 100000 too.
  And now let's talk about the legal way and that way in which you can get them and also money but you must have some really really passionate hard work. You have to constantly uploaded your videos you must have to upload it quality content you must have to upload and upload and upload and waiting till your videos not getting in numbers of around us and that they can subscribe my channel and youth channel became a marvelous 1 so today I want to teach you about some legal ways.


In my personal opinion let me tell you that you must have to choose a particular content content in which you are perfect and your passionate about that content . In my case I am passionate about technology about take about cyber security that is why I choose my channel as a technology basis channel so I uploaded Technology channel and all cyber security related content. So you must have to fixed your particular content in which you are perfect don't force yourself to choose a particular content you must choose that content you in which you are perfect. After choosing accountant you must upto passionate about it give your all hard work and everything in it without hard work you can do nothing on YouTube YouTube is a big journey if you become success then you become a winner.


Yes you heard it right you must have to hard work but what you must have to hard work in a smart way in your way which I followed. At the very beginning of my YouTube career I just hard work hard work and hard work but there is no in result in my hard work. So I tried to hard work in a smarter way which I can share with all of you today.
  Everybody will tell you that don't copy other content and I also tell you that but you can't we upload the accountant but you cant get concept from their content is here is the main factor.

  So as an example let me tell you that I choose a YouTube trading video about " who is dhinchak Pooja and something about dhinchak Pooja" everybody making about this types of video to get more views. And you must have to search on YouTube about "who is dhinchak Pooja" and then choose the high rank Anarchy fast resulted video I thought that copy his title copy his thumbnail copy his description and also copy his tags and after that make your own video and apply he is title description tags on your videos and your video will definitely rank topper topper and topper. District is basically used by me I I don't shut this types of videos on YouTube and this types of tricks on YouTube that is why I choose my website to make it better. And I can also tell you about some cool tricks which nobody don't know .


Ok guys please listen carefully this is the main part of my tooth growing tricks. First of all you must have to go to another Tech channels {if you have positive channels}. Then you must have to go to their popular videos and still their content I tried this trick many many many times and today I am here that is why I always tell you about work hard but what hurt in a smarter way after eating some views after getting some more subscribers you also can private that video that you get a safeside.
  Yeh guys this is the main trick which I have to share with you. After applying the street I get more views more grows Modi to money on my YouTube channel you all must have to follow this trick to grow your YouTube channel in a massive way .


This is the biggest secret of a youtuber which youtuber used but don't tell anyone but I going to tell you about everything everything which I know. You must have to use a YouTube extension name tubebuddy and a YouTube extension name video IQ which is available for free but you also can purchase the premium features that you also can get the premium values of YouTube videos. I going to make a separate video about tubebuddy and video IQ. But let me make it in as a summary of these two things. Tubebuddy and video IQ is a YouTube extension available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 2 by which you can customise your YouTube videos you can upload YouTube videos in short time you can get the best time to upload your videos on YouTube you can I get more engage with your subscribers and you can get more more more views on YouTube and you also can still text from another videos on YouTube that you can copy to which you will makes you a smarter hard worker and which will makes you to go to the road of victory on YouTube.


Yeah you must have to make your own attitude on YouTube there are lots of beauty but lots lots of it over that your service covers cannot tell you that you are a copy of someone. As an example there are lots of poster on YouTube if you start roast someone then his subscribers always tell him that "carry ki copy " this is a common fact. Because they are copying carryminati but let me tell you that you must have to be original before you come on YouTube you can't copy someone. Let me tell you that when I study night it channel I saw YouTube channel name ankytechbc honestly I started coughing him and I always getting some comment like " ankytechbc ka copy,ankytechbc ka copy" which is really annoying and so I make my own attitude on my YouTube channel. I make my own intro I make my own outro I make my own style to make it more better better to my V words that they can't tell me that I am a copy of someone. So you must have to make your own intro make your own outro and make your own style to convence and make your original content. That is why youth service cupboard she likes you more and subscribe you and after a long time you will get subscribed and make a good amount of subscribers on YouTube.

Guys youTube is a big platform you can earn money from here lots of lots of lots of lots you can't imagine how much you can earn I can tell you a figure of money around 5 lakh per month sponsorship ,youTube monetization and lots more. But you must all have to make a brand of YouTube channel in a legal way I mentioned above top 5 tricks which are used in my YouTube channel by which I grow my YouTube channel as a massive way. I started my YouTube channel with no experience but now it is I have a big experience of 1 years so in future I also gonna share my experiences on YouTube that is why you all can grow your YouTube channel fast. Soya guys today's articles is end here if you have any doubts then comment on about it. If you like this post don't forget to share and make sure that you subscribe this a to z hacks.com I will comes with lots of YouTube tricks and lots of other things you must to know. So yeah guys that is for today I think you enjoy this article and have a good day.