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Hey whats up guys this is SUBHA here and today we can talk about another hacking attack and which is the famous and the easiest attack ever which is the DDOS attack. So before I go started let's talk about some disclaimer. I am making this article for educational purpose only and I have no intention to harm anyone and in this article I just attack my own website which is fair and nobody hang in this article so if you get plan to be shared by this article do some suspicious activities then lawhackers cant be blamed .


Ok guys so let me tell you about some D dos attacks or denial of service attack . Attack who you will perform a service base attack where we will throw of low lots of traffic on website that this is out that website hosting server will cannot handle that kinds of traffic I'm in huge huge types of traffic like 500000 peoples in one second that the server can handle and server will crash automatically add website is no longer available on the Internet and in this way this De dos attack performs and there are lots of apps available on the Internet by which we can perform a ddos attack very easily so ja guys today we don't talk about how to perform it and I will show you how to do It In practically with a video to do I'll also and with the image an article also so out of station time let the started.


Ok guys lets get 1 min topic which is how to perform a ddos attack on a website so to perform a ddos attack there are lots of tools available on the Internet but I will tell you a particular tool which name is LOIC mens low Orbit Ion Cannon. This is a basic and really very useful app to perform a ddos attack on a website so down below I provided lots of images and videos by which you can practically perform a ddos attack really very easily.

First of all you need to download the app provided down below after downloading the app you must need to set up on your Windows which you are using is also support windows 7 windows 10 Windows 8.1 preprocessor that is really very helpful for you so after downloading this app you must need to do a setup and open the app and interface with look like this

after that just put the  target website URL you want to hack and then in mod setyion please put UDP and uncheke 'wait for replay' then it will loks like this .

after that hit that big button 'IMMA CHARGING MAH LAZER' and you are ll done.

i used it on my own website after few seconed it crased here is the proof.

now how to  download LOIC

Follow the simple steps to get Downloading link (no add,it's free).