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Hey whats up guys how are you all I hope you guys are well welcome to my tutorial about how you can play Pokemon go on your Android device without walking. 
  Nowadays Pokemon go is really interesting game available on IOS and Android platforms there was a time when this game have not yet released in India but today we got the game in our hand every week and play it in Android and IOS in India definitely even in village also in my case I am also live in a village but I can play Pokemon go really very well even there is no many times of special pokemons out there. Pokemon go is a really interesting but in this game you must have to go to outside to play the game which can make you feel accident and hair have lots of cases around us that child circuit accident he had his km so today gonna tell you about how you can play Pokemon go without any kinds of walking without any kinds of hard working just at home you can catch rare Pokemon as you want. 
   So now let's talk about pokemon go not working method this is really very simple method you just need to follow my simple steps with the image which will helps you a lot should I just started it. 

  First of all you just need to go to the download link here this is a MediaFire link you can download an app 4.4 mb after downloading that app you are ready to roll first of all installed apps on your Android device by taking unknown source if you already have then you just need to skip this process after that you have to open two two app after opening tutuapp you are now ready to go just simply search on search for Pokemon go after that you will find lots of search results just click on first option and download that update of 92. Something mbs. 

  Akkad that Pokemon go will automatically installed on your Android device and then you just need to simply open that can but let me tell you pass that this KMCH Chinese app and I don't believe in Chinese they all are frauds so don't use your personal Google account if you have you can use your Pokemon go Play account by just simply sitting on signup button make sure that you don't use and your personal Google account and use your other Google account if you don't have yet because your information can be leaked. 
  So here we go you are all done now you can play Pokemon go without walking I hope this trip will helps you a lot. If there are any problems or any kinds of issue regarding this method then don't forget to come down below I will give you the replay in 10 minutes. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button by just putting your email that when I will upload any kinds of cool stunning post on my side you will get the notification on your email that you can read it fast so we subscribe and be the first one to read my first article on the website. Ok guys to thank you so much for reading this article as well as bye have a good day.