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Hey whats up guys how are you all I hope you guys are doing well, and yes you heard it right today I going to share two wheeler tips and tricks that will helps you to grow on YouTube. Recently our share A topic about YouTube growing, you can also check that video about top 5 tips and tricks to grow on YouTube. As I said in that article now I must have to tell you about tubebuddy and VIDIQ. Basically growing on YouTube is totally depends on a luck but you can improve your luck on YouTube with this 2 superpowers which I called tubebuddy and videiq.
  So first of all this too is a Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension which helps you to find the tags of others videos give you the trending topics that you can make videos on that also give you a particular time to upload your videos that's your subscribers are most active at that time. And you can get more more and more views and earn lots of money from Youtube. When your one video get a initial boost means a huge number of people over steer videos in few times and the audience retention are good its mean the people who are watching this video like them share them and subscribe to your channel by watching that particular videos that means you are videos making some values on YouTube and nobody can stop that video to get viral. And above all you must need a viral video to grow on YouTube. Soya guys without hosting any more time let's go through the article.

First of all let's talk about tubebuddy extension

Tubebuddy extension which is basically a Google Chrome extension you can download from Google Chrome extension store otherwise it also can click here to download this particular extension. In this particular extension you can get a particular time to upload your video When your subscribers are almost active. They have an option which is keyword planner by which you can find your keywords in which you can make with your topic which are always in trending and your video makes viral. You can is this tubebuddy extension for free but if you get paid or use the premium features then it will be more helpful for you. You can also make a custom thumbnail online without any Photoshop and other and in my opinion it is quite good better than Photoshop and it is really very simple. So now let's talk about the Tubidy is premium features and all.
  In tubebuddy premium features you will get cool features like you can get keyword planner up some training videos and trending topics to make. Also you can get custom thumbnails option online by which you can make any thumbnails online. Also you can get them time when your subscribers are almost active.

as a calculation tubidy is a first choice of a successful youtuber. There are lots of extension available on Internet like Tubebuddy but nobody is the popular one you can trust it blindly because tubidy is certified by YouTube tubidy is certified by YouTube. And also it is a great extension I also used so you all can trust it blindly.

And now let's talk about our second extension which is VIDIQ 

This is the one of the best and greatest extension ever I have used in my personal opinion. In fact in comparison with tubebuddy and VIDIQ i will always preferse you that vidiq is best for you .because of its lots of advantages like . 

   when you are uploading a video then this extension will find a best popular video on youtube of same topic with just the video title which you are uploading .So this will make your work more easy and more fantastic and also you can make coustoum thumbnail , get the score of your videos that you can deetect that how your video gonna work etc. also you can find keywords and get video ideas and best time to upload top quality videos too like tubebuddy. 
  But in my personal opinion i will always say you to use vidIQ because it got same + more features then tubebuddy . 

So Tubidy and will like you both about the best extension available on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which will customise your YouTube videos that your videos can be go viral and you can get more views on YouTube and earn money from Youtube which is your dream and this both of the extension will helps you to do that but in my personal opinion in the comparison with tubebuddy and be like you in my personal opinion I will say that vidIQ is the best because he's got extra features more than tubebuddy but you also can use tubebuddy which is really handy for you. 

Ok guys too I hope your just like this article if this article really helpful for you then don't forget to share this with social media with your friends that they also can get helpful from this post and i'll always thank you so much for reading this article and see you in the next one.