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War Robots (previously titled Walking War Robots) is a freemium mobile app game developed and published by the Russian game developer Pixonic. It is a third-person shooter with real-time PvP battles in MOBA mode. Players operate mechs or giant robot on a live battlefield and they have the option to play solo or to team up with other players. It was first released on iOS in 2014 and was released to Android the following year.

Lets talk about the gameplay

War Robots features a real-time multiplayer system. Battles are held in 6-vs-6 mode and missing players are automatically added to the team with a special matchmaking system. Upon entering the battle, the opposing teams are spawned on opposite sides of the map. The player gets 15 seconds to choose a robot before the 10-minute-long game begins

The main objective is to capture/hold beacons, of which there are five located in key locations on the map. Players must move their robot close to a beacon in order to capture it, but if there is an enemy near the beacon, progress capturing the beacon will be stopped. Displayed at the top of the screen next to the timer are both teams' bars which will deplete slowly; the team with fewer beacons will see its bar diminish at a quicker rate. There are three ways to win a battle. Players can deplete the enemy team's bar to zero by capturing/holding more beacons, have a longer bar than the enemy team by the time the 10 minutes is up, or by destroying all of the opposing teams' robots before their bar or timer runs out.

During battle, players can either shoot all of their weapons at once using the red central fire button at the bottom-right of the screen, or they can choose to fire individual weapons by holding down its corresponding icon (bordering the red button). However, some weapons, such as the AT Spiral, can only be fired if the enemy is in a certain range from the player. All weapons have a certain range from 200m up to 1,500m or more depending on the weapon. There are three types of weapons, light, medium, and heavy, and some of them function differently than others. When the player's robot is pointed at an enemy, a red target borders the enemy robot, enabling the player to fire at and hit the enemy. Upon being destroyed, players have the option to spectate, leave the battle, or choose another robot that they have bought. A player can also discard their currently-active robot to pick another one, although a discarded robot cannot be used again for the remainder of the battle.
Users can own any number of robots. However, in order to deploy it in a battle, each equipped robot requires a hangar slot, which is purchasable with gold. There are three categories of robots: light, medium and heavy, with light robots generally being the smallest and fastest while being inexpensive, but also having weaker armament and fewest hitpoints, while heavy robots are the opposite, and medium robots are somewhat in-between. Some robots have special abilities, such as Jump or Assault Mode, which can be used to give the player an advantage, but have a cooldown before they can be used again. There are three types of weapon hardpoints: light, medium, and heavy, and each type of hardpoint can only equip certain weapons. Projectile weapons include miniguns, machine guns, tank guns, rockets, and guided missiles. Energy weapons include plasma pulses, beam lasers and lightning. Certain robots have or can equip a physical shield or an energy shield to augment the robots' hitpoints. Players can own an unlimited number of weapons.
As players play the game, they can earn experience points. Leveling up unlocks new weapons and robots for the player to use. There are three types of currency: Silver, Gold, and Workshop Points. Silver and Gold can be earned through battles, though Gold requires players to have done three things: been in the top 3 of the winning team, won a battle with a friend, or have captured the most beacons in the winning team. The game allows you to purchase Premium or VIP, which will allow you to earn experience and Silver 50% faster, although this upgrade is not permanent. Gold and Workshop Points can also be earned by completing objectives (i.e. destroying a number of enemy robots or capturing a number of beacons). Once the player reaches level 20, they can earn Workshop Points or purchase them with Silver or Gold. Silver can be used to buy and upgrade most robots and weapons. However, certain robots and weapons can only be bought/unlocked with Gold or Workshop Points. Players can only upgrade one robot or weapon at a time, although the process can be speeded up with Gold, and the amount of Silver and time required for an upgrade increases exponentially for each subsequent level. Silver and Gold can also be purchased through the in-app purchases provided; Gold can be bought with money, while Silver can only be bought using Gold.


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Ok yes now let's talk about how to hack the game which is the main part of our article so to hack this game you must need to know about encoding and some JavaScript coding and hTML5 CSS and C++. But guys I know that you all guys don't know in calling because you all are busy in another field so here we go and here is the exciting news for you I am bringing you the mood which I already moded and provided to you and after loading I uploaded it to Egypt share with side and you can download it easily by completing simple method of downloading so how I can download the mod is given below.


So to download the Mod you must complete the three step given down below. 

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2. Now click on the first step button again> peast your copied link there> click on Ok 

3. Click on the second step button> click on Ok 

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5. Click on the third step button again> test your copied link there> click on Ok 

And after 5 and 6 second automatically redirect to the download page and have fun.


Follow the simple steps to get Downloading link (no add,it's free).