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8th Fail Boy Millionaire, From Reliance to Amul, Their Clients

New Delhi: Say you will read, you will become Nawab, play and junky will become bad. This proverb tells every parent to their child. Because the person moves forward and achieves the position itself. But a Mumbai boy turned the proverb backwards. Tanished Arora, who lives in Mumbai, did not feel like studying. Thereby, his entire family was upset. But his interest became his success and today he has become a Cyber ​​Security Expert at the age of 23. His Inspirational Story was shared on the Facebook page of the Human of Bombay. It has been said that how he got his position even after leaving school.

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Video games played in childhood
Trishant Arora has told that he was interested in computer since childhood. He used to play video games all the time. His father had a lot of tension as long as he sat in the computer. He used to change the computer's password every day. But the trishit everyday used to crack the password. But seeing this thing his father was impressed and brought a new computer. It came at one time that his life changed.

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Work on left school and doing projects
One day, the school principal of TriSit called his parents to school and said that their child failed in the 8th. After which their parents asked what they wanted to do. After which, he decided that he would make a career in the computer itself. After which, after leaving the school, he left the school and started learning the computer's nuances. At the age of 19, he had learned to fix computer fixing and software. After that they started working on small projects. His first check was Rs 60 thousand rupees. After which he thought of saving money and spending himself in the company. Today is Tac Security Solution. Which is a cyber security company. After the 8th failure, he took the distance from the school, but he did 12th distance education and completed the BCA. But before that he had achieved the position.

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Reliance is also its client
When Trishanth Arora was 21, he started his company. Trishit is now offering cyber-related services to companies like Reliance, CBI, Punjab Police, Avon Cycle. He has also written books on hacking. He has written books like "Hacking talk with Trishant Arora", "The Hacking Era" and "Hacking with Smart Phones".

4 offices in India and an office in Dubai
He believes his company has four offices in India and there is an office in Dubai. About 40% of the clients deal with the same office. There are 50 Fortune 500 companies and clients worldwide. Trishit has a dream to raise the billion dollar security company. Forbes believes, apart from India, TAC also works from Dubai, according to initial claims, Domestic Market and Middle East have earned revenue of more than Rs 1 crore.