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Stop the Wi-Fi around the EVM placed in Surat after the hacking complaint - 10 special points

Important information related to the case

Ashok Jairwala said, "We found that a Wi-Fi network was available near Strong Room (made in college), after which we asked the collector to take action.

The Congress leader said that he had done similar complaint two days ago, after which the collector had ordered the ban on Wi-Fi service in the premises.

Jariwala said, 'But today we have found her active. We do not want to take any risk, because the EVM is suspected to be hacking and tampering. "

After the complaint, Surat Collector and District Pollution Officer Mahendra Patel ordered the college officials to stop the Wi-Fi service in their premises.

The collector said, "The Wi-Fi service they are talking about is of the college and is for the students and we understand that the use of its EVMs has no apprehension of tampering." However, while removing their doubts, we have ordered the ban on this. "

The six assembly constituencies are located in the Strong Room of EVM College of Olympad, Mandvi, Mahua, Vyara, Kamraj and Mangrol.

After the exit polls from the news channels, in which the ruling BJP has been shown a majority, after the dissemination of leaders of several opposition parties including Congress, Patidar Reservation Movement leader Hardik Patel and Dalit leader Jignesh Mewani fear the EVM hacking Obviously it is.

Hardik wrote on Twitter: "If the human body created by God can be tampered with, why can not it be with EVM, that person has created it? If ATM can be hacked then why not EVM?

He also alleged that attempts have been made to hack him using the 'source code' of EVM in the tribal areas of the state and in tribal areas of the state.

Hardik had also claimed in a tweet Saturday that 150 software engineers of a Ahmedabad-based company are preparing to hack 5,000 EVMs. (From input language)