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If you are using twitter then change the password as soon as possible

If you use Twitter, change password sooner because ...
Special points
Micro blogging site Twitter has given advice to 33 million users
A bug was affected due to a password but not a concern
Twitter shares complete information through a blog post
Micro blogging site Twitter has asked its 33 million users to change their password. The company says that the user was stored in the 'readable mode' on the password internal system. This process is also called hashing. Twitter posted this case on Thursday through a blog post. The blog post said that the problem has been solved and an internal investigation has revealed that no one's password is hacked or stolen. Nevertheless, Twitter has said that users should change their password.

Chief executive Jack Dorsie said through a tweet, "We have fixed the bug, there is no real danger of any kind of misuse. For caution, we request that all users change their password. "The blog does not tell how many passwords were affected by this problem. A young person with information about the company's answer said that the concrete number of affected passwords is not known and it has happened since the past few months.

This has been revealed after issues related to the Security of Equifax, Facebook and Ober Technologies. Let us know that the European Union is going to make changes in the privacy law soon. Twitter had caught a bug a few weeks ago and reported to those who violated it. The discussion was not publicly discussed.

Overall, this bug has been fixed. But the company has told users to be careful. The company says that under caution, we will ask you to change the password of all the services where you have used the password of Twitter.
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