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Disease-malaria eradication, straining mosquitoes, claims Bengali scientist

Disease-malaria eradication, straining mosquitoes, claims Bengali scientist ,  We do not have to panic about the prevalence of deadly diseases such as jica, malaria or dengue.

As a matter of hope, a researcher led by Nabarun Ghosh, a Bengali scientist from the US Mooluk, said.
Professor Nabarun of West Texas A & M University of America says, "Dengi's carrier 'Edis ezeptai' is a possible 'sterilization' of the female mosquito mosquito. This method will gradually increase the mosquito breeding. As a result, people living on the basis of diseases such as dengue, malaria, and indirectly.
There are debates about the demand for Nabaruna, among experts. His paper is still waiting to be published in an international science-journal. Nabrun has been doing research in California for the past three years. His claim, "A type of bacteriology called 'Wallachia' on male mosquito of Edis Egyptite species has been shown to show that the female Edis Ezepti mosquitoes have become completely barren due to the interaction with male mosquito. New mosquito larvae have not been born. "

Researchers have found that the application of the bacterium has changed the gene to male edis ezeptai mosquito. So after Milan, there is no way to grow new mosquitoes.

In Nabrune's words, "Zico's disease in Brazil was the appearance of epidemic epidemic. Then the research started to prevent the reproduction of the zicotype mosquito. Brazil has the same success. "

Researchers say, "Already many mosquaters have adapted to insecticides. If the mosquito breeding is done by sterilizing the mosquito of mosquito breed of Edis Egyptite species, then the balance of the environment will not be very harmful. No animals benefit from mosquitoes. It is rather damaged. "

Advocate Professor Gautam Aditya, Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Sciences, University of Calcutta, does not agree to this claim of Nabarun. In his words, "It is the first, not the first, it is not. Tests have been going on for decades. It is not possible to prevent diseases such as dengue or malaria by stopping mosquitoes. Because, in a particular place, it is possible to stop the mosquito breeding of Edis Egyptite species. But from the other place that the mosquito larva will not come, who can tell! "

Although Samrinan Chakravarty, former professor of Kalyani University, said that bacteriology can be used to change the mosquito genes by applying bacteriology in laboratories. But, in reality, how effective it will be, doubts and suspicions are going on. "

The study of NABRON has reached the Kolkata Mayor. Debasish Biswas, chief insectologist, Poussabara said, "I heard the issue. If we allow the Central Government's National Vector-Borne Disease Control Program, we can also think of implementing it in Calcutta. "

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